Building Identification Number (BIN) Project

The purpose of the project is to verify that the Building Identification Numbers assigned by the New York City Department of Finance are correctly associated with their respective buildings within the NYCMap database. The verification process is achieved by compiling the city’s spatial data including ortho-photographs, Cogis tax lot maps, Sanborn fire safety maps, building polygons, Geosupport Online Address Translator, and the Dept. of Finance Emergency Response System, to make a comparison and confirm that the BIN is correctly assigned.

  • All of the data for this project except for GOAT and DOFERS are featured within NYCMap and can be overlaid and viewed simultaneously.


  • GIS layers from NYCMap:
    The data from the GIS layers used includes buildings (footprint), hydrology, street centerline, curb, transportation structures (bridges, tunnels, etc), transportation lines (boardwalks, driveways, etc), railroad line, railroad structure, subway line, and subway stations.
  • Ortho-photographs:
    A first set of aerial photos was taken in1996 and has a resolution of 12 inches covering the complete city. A second set was taken in 2001 and has a resolution of 9 inches.
  • Cogis tax lots:
    Featured within NYCMap the Cogis layer contains all of the city’s property tax lots and can be queried for a lots BBL number (Borough Block and Lot number) as well as a buildings address according to the Department of Finance. Data prepared by the New York City Department of Finance.
  • Sanborn fire safety maps:
    The Sanborn maps are a raster dataset, which consists of scanned images of the city’s property lots, buildings, and streets. Made for fire insurance purposes Sanborn maps are referenced for a buildings address number as well as to view features of the buildings internal structure.
  • City Data Base:
    GOAT (Geosupport Online Address Translator) provides the BIN associated with a building’s respective borough block and lot as well as address numbers.
    PACS (Dept. of Finance Emergency Response System) provides building dimensions, year built, number of apartments and the number of buildings.

Building representations:
Green buildings – BIN has been verified.
Light blue buildings – Have had BIN’s attributed to them, but have yet to be verified.
Dark blue buildings – Have yet to have a BIN attributed to them.
Orange buildings – Designates that there is some problem left unmitigated.
Fusia buildings – Designates a building that is lacking a BBL.