• Covid-19 Ro

    Covid-19 County -level predictions for the US

    The CARSI (Center for Advanced Research of Spatial Information) Model uses an embedded recursive SIR (susceptible, infected, removed) model to simultaneously solve for two key epidemiological parameters Ro and the contact ratio (CR). The modeling is based on a set of assumptions including a fatality rate of 0.6 %, an initial infection rate of 0.00125 and a […]

  • GlobalForestCanopyModeler

    Global Forest Canopy Modeler

    This interactive tool models trends in forest canopy coverage for selected areas on demand globally, using annual percent tree cover data at 1 km resolution derived from the MODIS version 5.1 Vegetation Continuous Fields product (Townshend et al, 2011). The tool is referenced in Green, Gordon M., and Sean C. Ahearn. "Modelling forest canopy trends with on-demand spatial simulation." International Journal of Geographical Information Science" (2015): 1-13.

  • bokonto


    This project has focused on foundational research into the creation of a transformational, dynamic environment for pedagogy, knowledge construction, discourse, collaboration, and research in the domain of Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIS&T). Central to the project is a transformation of the GIS&T BoK into a core ontology for the field (BoKOnto). Led by Dr. Sean Ahearn of Hunter […]

  • Screenshot 2014-06-28 17.54.32

    Hurricane Sandy 3D Flood Map

    The map displays the areas within New York City subject to hurricane Sandy storm surge according to data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

  • Screenshot 2014-06-28 18.20.58

    NYC Solar Map

    Sustainable CUNY led the development of the NYC Solar Map, serves as host, and is guiding the Map expansions. CUNY’s Center for Advanced Research of Spatial Information (CARSI) at Hunter College was responsible for software design, development and implementation, with computational assistance by the High Performance Computing Center at CUNY’s College of Staten Island. The New York City Solar […]

  • Screenshot 2014-06-28 18.16.47

    NYC Cool Roofs Map

    The map displays the relative amount of solar radiation absorbed by surfaces in New York City, and identifies which buildings would benefit most from a cool-roof coating.

  • Screenshot 2014-06-28 18.23.27

    NYC Lidar QA Project

    Ahearn NYC Solar Map  June 16 2011 PressConference

  • Screenshot 2014-06-28 18.32.28

    NYC Map

    NYCMap is the citywide base map for New York City. This map is derived from aerial photographs and consists of a single and unified coverage, 1 foot in resolution. The plane used to obtain the photos contained an on board Global Positioning System which captures the precise location of each photograph and enables the creation of […]

  • NYCMap Incremental Updates and Database Integration

    An Incremental Geographic Update System (IGUS) for a Large Geographic Database in New York CityJ. Ding and . S. Ahearn, CARSI Hunter College, 695 Park Avenue New York, New York 10021 E. Cooper, Terraprise Inc. 3205 Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 70115 Over the last decade a number of states and cities in America have successfully […]

  • Building Identification Number (BIN) Project

    The purpose of the project is to verify that the Building Identification Numbers assigned by the New York City Department of Finance are correctly associated with their respective buildings within the NYCMap database. The verification process is achieved by compiling the city’s spatial data including ortho-photographs, Cogis tax lot maps, Sanborn fire safety maps, building […]