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Ahearn presented at NAS Workshop on Geospatial Needs for a Pandemic-Resilient World

Professor Sean C. Ahearn participated in the “Geospatial Needs for a Pandemic-Resilient World_Agenda” June 17, 2020, hosted by the National Academies of Science

His presentation, “An embedded recursive SIR model for county level analysis of COVID-19” included

  • predictions of death rates for the next 2 months for the US as a graph
  • Ro & Contact ratio (i.e. diffusion) parameter estimation for every county in the US as a “map”
  • predictive model for every county in the US

Ahearn presenting at UCSB Spatial Data Science Symposium

Professor Sean C. Ahearn will be participating in the Spatial Data Science Symposium “Getting the Spatial Data Science Agenda” , December 9-11, 2019 at the Center for Spatial Studies @ the University of California at Santa Barbara

His position paper along with those of the other invited guests can be found at